”Living the dream”, that’s how I describe my life as a photographer. I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was a young boy and now it occupies my mind full time. Based in Limerick, I have over ten years in experience in wedding, corporate, media and celebrity photography. My wedding photography has being published on the front pages of magazines and featured on numerous wedding venues advertising Campaigns.


“The setting may change, but for me Weddings are opportunities to position people in places and locations where camera and light combine to produce incredibly unique photographs. That’s the essence of good photography. The camera is but the instrument, creative thinking, spotting the angles, and being at ease with people makes the difference. “I have a particularly deep passion about wedding photography, I love to see the couples reaction when I pass over the photos. That moment is amazing, it is the part that I look forward to after all my weddings. I work to delight and surprise my Brides and Grooms with memories that they can cherish for life.”

A wedding album is forever not just one day.

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